FileMonitor 2.2.0 released

Hi all, finally we got there!

Good stuff for this version, straight to the point:

- Added new column TID (Task ID)
- Improved performance
- Updated online documentation
- New way to add Preference using dialogs
- Fixed bugs about Preferences editing
- Fixed bug about main window savings
- Fixed bug about autoscroll clicking


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Glsof is two separate utilities (Queries & FileMonitor) to the command line utility Lsof by Vic Abell.  Both applications are written in Java.  Another fundamental requirement is the command line Lsof that has to be installed on your system.  Lsof is supported by most of the Unix/Linux systems including Mac Os X.

Filemonitor monitors the activity of files, processes and network connections in ‘real time’ via lsof, returning them in a list.  One of its main features is the possibility to control a remote system running it as “client” (included Windows systems) and a separate “server” on the target system.  More information here.

Queries manages multiple queries for Lsof, returning output in different tables.  Please note that work on a new version is in progress at the moment.  More information here.

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Filemonitor 2.1.0 released!!!

Hi there!

Finally Filemonitor 2.1.0 has been released. Different bugs fixed, some new stuff added:


  • Copy preference
  • Tool tips on the Preference Dialog


  • Error messages displayed
  • Auto-scroll
  • Other minor bugs
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