FileMonitor 2.3.0 Released

This time main changes are related to memory usage reduction :)

I hope you enjoy this new version of FileMonitor!


- Reduced memory usage
- Fixed “Stop” action to stop the monitor updating
- Fixed column selections switching preferences
- Minor changes

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About FileMonitor…

Recently I have found a couple of interesting articles about FileMonitor:

1) The Best File and Network Monitor I Have Found for Linux and Mac

2) An article from the magazine LinuxUser in German. Below the image you can find the Google-translation :)

Article about FileMonitor on LinuxUser's Magazine


File Monitor reserves the open files in the eye
Especially when troubleshooting it proves to be helpful to know which files and directories are currently open.  The Java program File Monitor
to provide a clear List. The data is not determined itself, but it relies on the
proven console program Lsof back. Whose output is preparing to file monitor and provides Represent Darin find a table the file open to any process ID and process name,
The user’s name, the type of used file descriptor and the current status of the file.
After starting the logging Program, all file accesses in Real-time continuous with. You can log any time interrupt to work with the acquired data. one Filter function allows it to restrict the display. Thus File Monitor when logging superfluous data not even
not recognized, you may also define profiles in the settings. These include parameters
specific files, connections, processes, or users deliberately capture or ignore. Targeted at detecting files all parameters are default in a OR relationship. in the respective
You create a profile when needed instead AND connection found for all the parameter applies. falls Despite filtering the amount of data collected from cluttered, hide irrelevant columns in the display simply.

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lsof 4.87 released

lsof 4.87 released: here you can find all the files, included the complete Changelog list.

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