What is Glsof?

Glsof is two separate utilities (Queries & FileMonitor) to the command line utility Lsof by Vic Abell.  Glsof stands for “Gui for Lsof”.

Where can I download Queries & FileMonitor?


Where can I run Queries & FileMonitor?

On every system that supports Java and Lsof.  Typically they are Unix-like systems, including Linux and Mac OS X.

And Windows?

Nope as Lsof doesn’t support it,  but you can run FileMonitor on it as a “client” for a remote Unix-like system.  Please read the documentation for more info.

What is the license used?

GPL 3.

Is it true that there is an older version of Glsof?

LOL yes.  It is very very old and it is no longer supported.  It includes FileMonitor and Queries as an all-in-one application.  It is developed in C and you can download it from here (md5sum: acb7b1be5e86ba40276cb696a80f0ead) and:

$> tar xvzf glsof-0.10.0-pre-alpha5.tar.gz
$> cd glsof-0.10.0-pre-alpha5

or alternatively you can get it via SVN from last revision (22) with:

$> svn checkout -r 22 https://glsof.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/glsof glsof
$> cd glsof

What do I need to do to run the older version of Glsof?

The older version is developed in C using Gnome/GTK+.  So you need to install these libraries (and relative dev packages to compile it):

  • gconf
  • libglade
  • libgnome
  • libgnomeui

Once you have done that:

$> ./configure (–prefix=/path)
$> make
$> sudo make install (or su -c “make install”)

How can I get the current source code in development?

You need GIT:

$> git clone git://glsof.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/glsof/glsof

How can I compile and run the application from the current source code?

You need Maven to compile them with the following:

$> cd glsof
$> mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true clean package

Once compiling is successfully finished, you can run them with:

$> java -jar filemonitor/target/filemonitor.jar
$> java -jar queries/target/queries.jar

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